One-Click Monitor Suspend for Windows

Are you one of countless Windows users who have configured Power Options to suspend the monitor after a minute, only to realize how long a minute is? Who then had to revert that setting the day after the party, when you just wanted kill the display after kicking off a tasty playlist?

Or perhaps you initialized a full disk backup to run overnight. You're pacing around, teeth brushed, ready to hit the hay. The computer monitor is glowing, taunting you. Sure, it is set to sleep, but when?

Sometimes you need to put your computer monitor to sleep without a fuss. Fear not. Moffitor was designed to do exactly this.

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Moffitor is Freeware

Moffitor is available for free and without commercial restriction. Windows 10 or 11 is required, there are no other dependencies. As this application is freeware, no personal support is provided. A list of issues is maintained on the support page.