Qbit – The Pragmatic Skybox Generator

What are we talking about here?

Qbit is a tool for game developers. Given an image, the application will output six images using equirectangular projection—one for each face of a skybox. The images can be used in any modern 3d game engine.

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Streamline Your Workflow

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Multicore enabled, parallel image processing saves you time.

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Supersampling option offers jaggie-free, production quality output.

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Draft export option for fast, iterative visual design development.

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Invert face option exports correct face names for all mainstream engines.

Pricing & Availability

Two versions of Qbit are available, Windows Store Edition and Freeloader Edition. They are identical in all but name. Both versions can be used for an unlimited time without commercial restriction.

Bottom line, I'd prefer you use the software regardless of lack of funds—or whatever the reason. Also, if you intend to purchase, I'd highly encourage using the Freeloader Edition to trial the software before buying.

Edition: Windows Store Freeloader
Fast Draft Export
Supersampled Export
High-Res Image Support
Invert Left/Right Faces
Increased Self-Satifaction

System Requirements

Qbit requires a machine running Windows 10/11 x64 with 8 GB of RAM. Due to limitations of the UWP platform, Qbit will not run on Windows 7 or 8.1. Radeon or Nvidia graphics are beneficial, as is a quad-core or greater CPU, but neither is necessary.

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